Library Life

Book Oops

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find books for a teen book club, mostly because, as an actual adult and not a teen, I know I read the books in a different light than the teens will. I haven’t had too many problems since I started picking books in May. Heck, I even had two book clubs in a row where the majority of the kids absolutely loved the book choice and weren’t afraid to talk about it.

And then I assigned Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares.

While I still enjoyed the book, (it’s Christmassy and all about book lovers and has so many interesting bookish lines and references!) upon rereading it I realized I had made a mistake.

Sure, the teens in book club are well read and mature about things. But I’d forgotten that Dash curses a lot and especially takes pleasure in the big “f” word. And that there are references to gay guys in bed together. And that there was drinking to the point of intoxication. Which aren’t necessarily things that would make a teen book bad but the teens in my book club are a little on the young side and weren’t quite ready for that kind of a story. So I completely understood when most said they couldn’t or didn’t want to finish it.

That’s why, next year, I’m mostly putting the book choices into their hands. We did voting and I’m double checking reviews to see if my memory has erased anything it shouldn’t have.

Just another joy of working with youngsters!


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