To Read or Not to Read?

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

Starry Nights is a cute little Christmassy novel about journalist Carrie Slayton who is told that she’ll get a nice big promotion if she can get an interview with reclusive author Finn Dalton. And find him she does though, of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds.

Now, I only chose to read this because I wanted a quick cutesy Christmas read and it had protagonists who are writers which usually makes things even better. I wasn’t expected it to be amazing. But this was the worst kind of Christmas romance. Cheesy with extra cheese and, hey what’s that? Oh, a side order of cheese! Now that would be awesome if we were talking edible cheese but we’re not.

Plus, I’ve lately been reading a lot of young adult fiction and so I expected a bit more maturity in the business professional adults who were the main characters. Nope. If anything they were less mature than most teen leads. That made it very annoying to get through.

Overall this did not help my holiday mood and I have just got to say that I’ve found more substance and logic in a 5,000 word fanfiction than I found in this book.


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