Library Life

Do You Want to Build a Warlock?

Now, I’m not sure if my standard blog readers will like a post as this but seeing as how it’s all creative and involves my librarian coworkers I’m going to go with it.

Back in the gloomy month of December I was told that my coworkers, primarily those in the Youth Services Department with me, were interested in getting together a group to play Dungeons and Dragons. And though I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons and have mostly only seen portrayals on TV I was intrigued.

And so our planning began. We now have six librarians and my fiance planning on going on the longest campaign in the world. So far all we’ve done is character creation which is madness. But it also gives me a good chance to use my skills. I get to create a person and their backstory and act her out and see if she’s believable. And I get to see other people do the same. As a writer who often works in fantasy I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of story ideas from these characters and situations. Or maybe I’ll just be really confused.

Oh well. Still sounds fun. Now off to build my half-elf warlock. You’ll likely be seeing her backstory written up as a short story in an upcoming blog post because, why not?


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