Short Stories

Try-an-Angle: Write-Brain Workbook Prompt

Prompt from “The Write-Brain Workbook” by Bonnie Neubauer. The prompt was to look at a picture of a triangle, write down a short list of things the triangle might be, and then use each of those in a short prompt. 

My triangular items: a pizza slice, a wedge of cheese, Trivial Pursuit pieces, and the roof of a house

Start with: “The air in the space station was… more or less created through a process called water electrolysis,” Shelly answered, smiling when she was awarded the triangular Trivial Pursuit piece that meant she’d answered correctly.

“No way! There is no way she just knew that!” Jamie cried out. “Shelly has to be cheating!”

Lance just shrugged as he refilled his paper plate with pizza and wedges of cheese. “Or maybe she’s just that good.”

Jamie glared at his brother and his brother’s new girlfriend. “No one can be that good at all the games. Uno. Pictionary with that juvenile house of squares and triangles. And now Trivial Pursuit! If she’s just going to win everything…well that makes game night pointless!” he cried as he rushed out of the room.

Shelly and Lance shared a look. “I told you he was dramatic,” Lance said as he tore into his food.


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