To Read or Not to Read?

What Light by Jay Asher

Just a warning that this review will contain spoilers!!!

I am playing catch up in regards to book reviews so I actually finished reading What Light by Jay Asher several weeks ago so let’s up it’s still relatively fresh in my mind.

As I’ve mentioned in previous book review blog posts I often like to theme my reading around the seasons/holidays in a given month. So in October I’ll read some horror stories and in February I’ll try to get into some romance. What Light was one of the books I started reading in December because it was set around Christmastime. And, just as I mentioned for the other holiday themed book I read in December, this book did little to boost my Christmas spirit.

Now part of the reason why I chose What Light was because of the gorgeous cover. It was so pretty that I actually bought a copy for my own personal library instead of just checking it out from the library where I work. And the synopsis sounded appropriately Christmassy. The book is about Sierra, a girl from Oregon whose family owns a Christmas tree farm and goes to California every holiday season to sell those Christmas trees. That means she more or less lives two lives. And she’s usually good about keeping them separate. Only, during this book she learns that this year may be her family’s last year going to California and she meets a boy.

And oh boy. This is a case of insta-love. Not only that but completely nonsensical inst-love. Sierra barely speaks to Caleb, quickly finds out that (spoiler alert again!!!) there are rumors going around that he stabbed his sister!, and yet she still falls for him even after he admits that he actually did chase his sister down with a knife though he promises he “never would have hurt her.” Sierra even mentions more than once that Caleb gets a super mean glint in his eye and looks like he has to hold himself back when he gets angry. Uh…I know some girls are attracted to bad boys but really? That doesn’t make you a little hesitant to be with him Sierra?

Overall our main character is shown to be kind of a shitty person. She backs out on commitments to her friends. She really wants her family to be able to return the following year and yet she starts refusing to work her shifts so that her parents have to hire more workers. It just didn’t make sense at all, it definitely didn’t put me into a holiday mood, and it took me a surprisingly long time to finish it even though it was simply written.


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