Short Stories

Tooth Fairy: Write-Brain Workbook Prompt

Prompt from “The Write-Brain  Workbook” by Bonnie Neubauer. The prompt was “You are a disgruntled tooth fairy. You can’t understand why Santa and even the Easter bunny get more attention than you do. You just visited twins who expected $20 per tooth.”

Start with: “I can’t believe…how self-centered these little kids are nowadays,” Blanche muttered as she went from one child’s pillow to the next. Only, for the first time in her many years of work, her muttering was too loud.

Clara shot up out of her bed and looked over at her twin sister Suzy’s bed and yelped at what she saw there.

Blanche froze from her tiny hands to her tiny little wings which, unfortunately, meant that she fell right out of the air because of the lack of momentum. When the hit the floor she started running, afraid that going airborne would become dangerous. She’d barely made it two human sized steps when a glass jar was slammed over her.

“What are you doing?” Suzy sleepily asked. Blanche could barely hear the words through the glass.

“I got the tooth fairy!” Clara cried out. “Imagine all the money we can get from her!”

“So, so self-centered,” Blanche muttered as the two girls looked down at her.


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