Short Stories

Morgana’s History

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was building a warlock character for an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Since we will finally be starting to play in two weeks I decide it would be a good time to post my background story. I apologize for how incredibly long this post is 😉

Once upon a time there was a fair human maiden named Selise the daughter of a wealthy family of merchants. Though not noble the lady was expected to marry someone who would further her family’s advancements instead of for love. But just half a year before her wedding to Anton, the man her family had deemed worthy, Selise met a Moon Elf and felt herself falling for him. Even though she knew it could ruin her standing with her affianced she allowed the elf to seduce her. They experienced several intimate nights together before he disappeared without a trace.

Selise discovered she was pregnant with the elf’s child a fortnight before her wedding.  Unfortunately, her parent’s discovered the secret she was carrying as well. Fortunately, they didn’t know who her lover had been and so suggested a deception. They wanted their daughter to still marry Anton and pass the child off as his. Selise hesitantly agreed, hoping that she would find a way to mask the child’s true parentage before the birth. But such a goal was unattainable.

Upon the delivery of her child and the discovery that the baby had green eyes flecked with gold and pointed ears it became immediately clear to everyone that Selise’s husband was not the father. Anton was angered and disappointed by the revelation but had fallen in love with his wife. Seeing the look on Selise’s face when she stared down at her daughter Anton knew he couldn’t force her to get rid of the child. So a compromise was reached.

They told the locals that Selise had lost the child but fate had intervened and gifted them all the same in the form of a motherless half-elf in need of a home. Morgana, as Selise had named her, would be raised as Anton and Selise’s ward.

So Morgana grew up in the wealthy family’s home, not knowing that she was Selise’s flesh and blood. She was treated kindly by Selise though other members of the household looked down at her for her mixed-race. But Morgana found comfort in her studies and learning and turned to books whenever someone insulted her. Knowledge was comfort.

And then, when Morgana was ten, Selise gave birth to twins and the whole household dynamic changed. Morgana wasn’t the center of Selise’s attentions anymore. Morgana understood, recognizing that, of course, Selise would pay more attention to her natural born children than to a ward, and though she was wounded she buried herself even more deeply in her books and studies and bore it well.

And then Morgana’s seventeenth birthday arrived. The twins were sick and no one remembered her birthday and Morgana complained in front of the wrong person. That’s when she learned the truth of her parentage. The secret shattered her and she ran away from the house, wishing she could do something about it but knowing she didn’t have the power to do so.

Morgana was sitting on the forest floor behind her house, close to crying, when she was approached by a beautiful figure. After a brief conversation the figure declared herself to be a member of Queen Titania’s court and told Morgana that the Queen knew her feelings and wanted to bestow upon her power and knowledge.

“But why would she offer me anything?” Morgana had asked.

“Your father is a special friend of my Queens,” the faery told her.

Though uncertain that she wanted anything to do with the father that didn’t even know she existed, Morgana accepted the gift and felt her body thrum with power. She didn’t even question the price of such a gift until she returned to the house and found her younger half-siblings missing from their room, a piece of parchment with a white diamond with a blue star in its center (the symbol of Queen Titania) in their place.

Knowing their disappearance was her fault Morgana fled the house and began wandering the realm, finding libraries and schools and people who would help her learn about her newfound abilities and a way to find her siblings.

After five long years of research she was able to speak with Queen Titania herself. The fey queen had thought she was doing Morgana a favor when she’d taken the half-siblings. “You didn’t like them much anyways. I thought it a good bargain. Power in exchange for two mortal children.”

Throughout the course of the conversation Morgana learns that her younger half brother and sister are alive and well in the Seelie Court. And another bargain is struck.

“Very well. Your siblings will be returned to you if, and only if, you use the gifts I’ve given you to honor me with enough extraordinary feats to make it worth my while.” And then the Queen of the Summer Court disappeared.

This led Morgana to more study, to join the Faction of The Harpers, and to find adventures worthy of the powers Titania bestowed upon her.


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