Literary Musings

Sick and Tired

Nobody likes being sick, I get that. You feel awful and it’s gross. But I remember that, sometimes, sick days were awesome. No school, no schoolwork if you could help it, extra hours of sleep, and unlimited time reading! I think one of my best times was when I was out with the chicken pox in elementary school. I read sooo many Babysitter’s Club books that week and it was glorious!

But being sick is not so awesome when you’re an adult. Fortunately I do have a job where I have enough sick days to actually take off when I am sick. And I happened to have to take two of them off last week because of a sore throat, fever, chills, etc. you name it. Monday wasn’t too awful. I was still motivated to do things. I read a bit and threw food in the crock pot and took pictures for my Instagram. And then Tuesday happened. I had big hopes and I did nothing! I didn’t even have enough energy to heat up soup. I couldn’t focus on reading. I basically spent the entire day doing nothing unless you count yelling at my Fitbit. (No, I don’t want to take steps right now thank you very much!!)

So what does that mean? Just that I am so behind on everything. Blog posts, fanfiction posts, my bookish Instagram posts, reading! I’m behind on it all! And I apologize. I had every intention of keeping all of my stuffs up to date and current and to keep posting on a regular basis. Unfortunately life got in the way.

Now let’s everyone cross our fingers and hope I’m done with getting sick for awhile!


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