Library Life

Chatting Club?

My goal for the teen writing club I started is to always keep it low key. The last thing I want is for the kids to show up for another class after hours of school. That’s not fun. That’s not what creative writing should be. Creative writing has no rules. Plus, I know the more you write the better you get so the goal is to write stuff, maybe read it out loud and get some constructive criticism, and then work more on your own. People talk. They throw around ideas. They ask others for character names or if something makes sense. And it works. The kids have fun. I try to work on writing prompts with them.

But yesterday things didn’t go as planned. I had cheap after Valentine’s Day candy and we demolished it. Most of us didn’t get anything written, myself included. At first I was disheartened. Can you really call it a writing club if no one is writing? But then I really thought about it.

When I asked at the end of the session a few people had finished pieces one of which completely blew me away. And everyone who didn’t have finished pieces had ideas for what they were going to write, including me. So what if we don’t necessarily always get words written down? Isn’t getting together and talking about writing and bouncing ideas around what it’s all about?

So after some brief consideration I decided writing club was a success after all.


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