Literary Musings

Excuses Excuses

I, for probably about the dozenth time since I started this blog, feel as though I have to apologize for how quiet I’ve been. Even though this blog is a personal endeavor and not something I’m getting paid to do I feel as though I haven’t been responsible when I go on unplanned and unexplained hiatuses. So here’s my myriad of excuses.

  • Back in February I had the flu. And then the cough lingered for over two weeks. And then I ended up with a sinus infection. The last thing I wanted to do during most of that was stare at a computer screen and get my germs all over my laptop.
  • In February I also started playing Dungeons and Dragons and although we only meet a few times a month it’s a decent amount of work to plan out a character and decide which spells to use and feats to take. It’s fun but complicated.
  • February through March was the SWON Libraries Consortium Teen Reading Challenge where groups of library workers competed to read more pages than other groups. So even though I had so many other things going on I was also trying to push myself to read more than ever.

So now that things have settled a little bit I’m hoping to get back into my blog and fanfiction writing and what not which is why I’m also doing a Camp NaNoWriMo where I’m keeping track of anything I write. Look for new blog posts, especially reviews on all those YA books I’ve read the last few months, in the near future!


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