To Read or Not to Read?

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

Stealing Snow is mostly a retelling of The Snow Queen with a touch of Snow White added in. Sounds interesting, right? I sure thought so even though I’d been warned that this book wasn’t all that great. And man do I wish had listened to everyone who had warned me not to bother.

Stealing Snow Started out with our main character, seventeen year old Snow, locked up in a psychiatric hospital where she’s been ever since an accident that happened when she was five. There we meet a group of teenagers who don’t necessarily seem crazy, just quirky (including Snow herself.)

Now for a spoilery aside. Read the next paragraph at your own risk!


Many people took away stars because they were upset that Snow was placed in an asylum and designated crazy but clearly was not actually insane. But I thought it was made pretty obvious later on that her mother had her hospitalized and medicated so that her powers would stay hidden and that, if she happened to discover she had powers, she’d just think she was losing her mind even more.

Okay, from the hospital things happen and Snow finds herself following not one but two boys through a portal to Algid where, surprise surprise, she finds out that she’s a princess with magical powers and she has a prophecy which has been told about her! She’s destined to either take the throne from her father or do something to make him even more powerful.

And so begins her magical training, not that she needed much because she was super talented. And she also has to deal with the romantic affections of not one but three guys because apparently the sheltered, conflicted girl is super awesome? Oh and she also likes all of them back even though she just met two of them and she feels bad whenever she flirts with one. So lots of drama there of course.

And an additional gripe which I found beyond annoying. While in the mental hospital Snow always watched a certain soap opera with her orderly. This soap opera then gets brought up constantly through the novel. To an annoying and illogical degree. “Oh, in the show the main lady was able to do this so surely I can too.” “In the show she acted like this so I can too.” Ugh.

Basically the characters fell flat and there were too many annoying things that I just did not like this book. I did not like the world building and I did not care about the characters at all.



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