Literary Musings

Doggone It, Yet Another Excuse

It’s 2017 and the excuses just keep flowing.

Honestly, in the past month I’ve barely gotten anything written. There has been a distinct lack of blog posts, book reviews, and I haven’t touched my novels for months. Heck, I haven’t even written more than five hundred words for a fanfiction. And the reason for that is simple. And adorable.

Meet Mycroft.


Yep, that would in fact be a puppers named after Mycroft Holmes. My fiance and I adopted him mid-April and he’s been taking over our lives. It’s really hard to get anything written when I’m always worried that someone is going to pee on the carpet. (I’ve had family dogs, even puppies, before and I’d forgotten how much they can pee! And when you’re on the second floor of an apartment building it can be hard to get the little one leashed and out before the tinkling starts. Bye-bye security deposit!)

Now, while a new puppy has made the whole reading and writing thing a little difficult it’s helped in other ways. When he’s being all calm he can help make my Instagram photos all cute.

Case in point:


Yep, I’m not above exploiting my puppy to get likes and followers on social media. Sue me. (Actually please don’t, I don’t really have any money. I’m a librarian and I went to a private university.)

But one day I’m sure the puppers will calm down and learn to control his bladder. So, maybe, eventually, I can get back on track with my writing. In the meantime, I’ll just cuddle with this ball of fluff.


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