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Late Poetry

April was National Poetry Month and so most of the library events I hosted were somewhat related to poetry. The book we started in April and finished in May was Paper Hearts, a novel told in verse. And during last month’s Teen Writing Club I had everyone work on poetry writing prompts with limericks, acrostic poems, or just short stories with plenty of rhyming words. Being all side tracked myself what with the recent addition of a puppy to my household I chose to go simple with some acrostic poems. Remember those things where you wrote your name down the side of a paper and then came up with a word or phrase that started with each letter of your name? Yep, acrostic poetry is like that.

Books are little pieces of


Built by writers and brought to

Life by readers.

Inside closed pages words rest.

Open the book and the words leap off the


Happiness ensues.




My new little puppy.

Young and wiggly all the time.

Can’t stop

Rolling around and falling

Over everything.

Friendly and hyper and



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