To Read or Not to Read?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8

Back in my middle school years I was playing with the antennae on my grandparent’s TV (yep, even though all my friends had cable by that point we still had a TV with less than two dozen channels many of which would go out if it was windy/rainy/just for the hell of it) when I stumbled upon something glorious. It was the WB with such teen friendly shows as Dawson’s Creek, Charmed, and what would become my favorite, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I picked it up somewhere around season three and was supremely bummed out when it was cancelled just two seasons later. And then it came back on a different station which I eventually also found even though big chunks would cut out at the worst times. (Thanks for messing up the musical episode and Buffy and Spike’s first hookup you stupid antennae!)

And then Buffy ended again and I was uncertain how to feel. After the first cancellation the show had lost some of it’s luster but I still missed it.

I’m not sure how many years later I found out the show had been continued in graphic novel form but I know it took me even more years, and a reading challenge, later to actually pick it up and attempt to read it. But read it I did. And I had some mixed feelings.

Some of the volumes were actually really good. I liked seeing the little nests of newbie slayers all learning how to navigate the world. I liked seeing how our favorite characters were getting along in the changed world and without certain other characters being around.

But then the plot line got so ridiculous with the main Big Bad (named Twilight…and yes, there were jokes made about a vampire calling himself Twilight) and the discovery of who Twilight really was. And there was so much sex, not that I’m against sex. But this ended up being such good sex that the participants ended up floating in space? Just pages and pages of two people having sex as they ascended into the heavens? And that’s just a part of the nonsense.

So am I glad I picked up all the volumes of season eight? Technically yes since I picked them up from the library and didn’t have to pay for them. If I’d had to pay there may have been another answer to that question. But I will try season nine and hope for the best.


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