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Camp NaNoWriMo: July 2017

I have officially signed up for yet another session of Camp NaNoWriMo and though I started my word count goal out rather low I’m already not so sure that I’m going to make it. Mostly because it seems that every writing goal I’ve set for myself this year has not been met.

Now I do have legitimate excuses which I believe I’ve waxed on no less than a half a dozen times already on this blog. Addition of a puppy to the household, Summer Reading Program at the library, multiple sicknesses (honestly, the flu in March and a sinus infection in June? Who gets sinus infections in June?!) but I really don’t want to spend another post talking about that since I’m not even sure anyone is even reading this blog anymore other than for the book reviews. Which have also been few and far between lately…

So. July Camp NaNoWriMo. Since it’s more free form I’m hoping to take advantage of that and include blog posts, work write ups, and fanfiction in my word count just to try to get myself back on track. The puppers has finally started to settle down in the evenings so I should be able to start reading and writing before bed like I used to. I’ve finally started the reading but not necessarily the writing. (If Mycroft starts acting up it’s a lot easier to get a hardcover book/Kindle out of his way than it is a laptop or a notebook with loose pages and a pen. Pages and pens which he likes to chew on. Remind me why I wanted a puppy again please?)

This all means that, hopefully, you will be seeing a lot more from me here shortly.


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