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Harry Potter Reread. Book 1, Post 2.

My thoughts on rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone pages 66-178.

  • This chapter about Diagon Alley contains so many little snippets of information about Gringotts that will become important later on and I never would have guessed how important. Dragons guard some vaults. Hey, meet Griphook! Good planning Ms. Rowling!
  • Ba ha ha! Draco Malfoy’s second line starts with “my father(‘s)…” The very line that will later be turned into a popular internet meme.
  • Hedwig! (And now I’m crying again. Damn it.)
  • Wait, why is Petunia surprised about the concept of Platform 9 3/4? Did that not exist when Lily went to Hogwarts? I mean, I know Petunia likes to say she hated her sister and her freaky magic but if you’ve read them all you know that wasn’t the case back in the day. When Petunia was little she wanted to go to Hogwarts! Wouldn’t she have paid attention to everything in regards to it?
  • Memories of Cursed Child are ruining the Hogwarts Express scene where Harry excitedly buys sweets from the trolley witch.
  • No wonder there are so many Harry/Draco shippers out there. 155 pages and barely a month into the school year and these boys are obsessed with each other. Harry’s worrying about looking like a fool in front of Malfoy during flying lessons and Malfoy is noticing how often Harry gets mail.
  • Whoa, I’d forgotten that, up until Halloween, Hermione Granger was just not likable at all.

And that’s it for my thoughts this go around!


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