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Harry Potter Reread. Book 1, Post 3

My thoughts on rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone pages 179-331.

  • I freely admit that I know more about Quidditch than I do any other sport in the world. Though after a discussion with a new friend we decided that the point system makes no sense at all. Oh well. Personally I think most sports make no sense.
  • As a librarian and a huge bookworm I just love that Harry gets an Invisibility Cloak and immediately decides to sneak into the library after hours. A character after my own heart.
  • It seems as though the size of the Invisibility Cloak changes each time it’s used. When Ron goes with Harry the first night they struggle to walk without being seen but then later on there seems to be no problem covering Harry, Hermione, and a crated dragon.
  • Once we go through the trapdoor things get so crazy and it becomes such a fast read. And I can only assume Dumbledore orchestrated it all so Harry, Ron, and Hermione could make it through. If not, the Hogwarts professors aren’t as clever with magic as they thought they were if a group of First Years got past it all.
  • Gotta say, the whole House Cup thing got really unfair once Harry got to Hogwarts.
  • And then the novel ends with something that really got me thinking this time around. Each student is issued with a reminder for them not to do magic during the school holidays. I have two issues with what happens here.
    • The twins say they wish the professor’s would forget about the reminder slip. But even if it was forgotten wouldn’t underage magic still be illegal?
    • Harry says something about how the Dursley’s don’t know he’s not allowed to do magic on holidays but shouldn’t Petunia have known that what with Lily being a witch? Or did the laws change that much in just a couple decades?

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