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Harry Potter Reread. Book 2, Post 2.

My thoughts on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, pages 130-270.

  • “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware.” So eerie and creepy, even now that I know everything about the Chamber. (P.S.- Draco Malfoy really is the biggest asshat in this book though it does give proof that a lot of his attitude his clearly due to his father’s influence. He’s just always trying to please Papa Malfoy.)
  • I love that the trio end up back at the library so often. I just wish the librarian Madame Pince wasn’t such a “shush now” stereotype.
  • Who ever thought that letting kids play Quidditch was a good idea? I wouldn’t be able to. I can’t even throw/catch a ball without losing my balance and that’s with both feet on the ground. I couldn’t imagine doing it while flying.
  • Why exactly did Dumbledore let Lockhart start a Dueling Club? He has to know the man is incompetent. In fact, why did he give Lockhart the job in the first place? Dumbledore is known to “know everything that goes on around the school” and surely he’d use Legilimency to see what’s going on with a potential teacher? Surely there was someone better than Lockhart who had applied…
    • (It also made me wonder how Dumbledore ended up allowing Quirrell to teach in book one if he’s such a good Legilmens. I’m going to say it’s because Voldemort was using his Occulmency powers and shielded Quirrell in just the right way.)
  • So many things are mentioned here and then brought back in later books. Polyjuice Potion, Fawkes and his powers and loyalties. Not just important in this book.
  • The flashback where Tom Riddle shows Harry his capture of Hagrid. Ever since I saw the movie I think of the movie scene when I read this. Which is awkward because the main thing I remember thinking back when I was a young girl and first saw it was “damn, young Tom Riddle is HOT!” And now that I’m nearly thirty it’s even more awkward. Moving on…
  • Did anyone else have trouble not accidentally reading Lucius Malfoy as luscious Malfoy? Just me?

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