Literary Musings

Just a Bad Year

Once again, I’m going to have to go a bit off topic and make excuses. Again.

And the hits keep on coming over here in my world.

2016 was a good year. I got a new job that paid significantly more than my last and is exactly what I’d been looking for. And I was finally able to move out of my parent’s house and in with my fiance after having spent six years of our relationship long distance. We had some off moments together as we adjusted to being around each other so much after only seeing each other four or so days out of the month for years. But we eventually settled into a routine.

And then 2017 happened. After some bouts with illness for me I had finally recovered and my fiance and I did something I’d been wanting to do ever since I left my family dog at home…we got a dog of our own. We had our ups and downs with that too of course. (Especially since we went against everything we said we’d do and took home a puppy. Housetraining is a bitch.) But things had settled down pretty well. Mycroft the dog had finally learned how to hold his bladder, mostly sleep through the night, and had learned not to get into everything! It was going pretty smoothly.

Then mid-July came rolling around and with it a terrifying morning where Mycroft began having seizures, multiple bad ones one right after another. Of course this led to an emergency vet trip where he was left for a little over 24 hours. We came out of that with a prescription for anti-seizure medication and he basically went backwards on his potty training.

This led to so much researching on my part and I’ve been a nervous wreck ever since. I’ve barely gotten any reading or writing done and I’ve been sick to my stomach multiple times because there are just so many horror stories. I love the little stinker but if the meds don’t keep the seizures under control (some pet parents with seizure prone dogs say they have the dog on four different medications and still have to go to the emergency vet multiple times a year) then I just don’t know what else to do. It’s putting a strain on my relationship with the puppers and with my fiance which is good for no one. No one at all.

So I’m trying to take everything one day at a time and get back into my ordinary routines but if I fall off of the face of the planet again, you’ll all know why.


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