To Read or Not to Read?

Geekerella by Ashley Posten

Note: I received a free advanced copy of Geekerella from NetGalley.

Do you like all of those cheesy high school Cinderella type movies that pop up every couple of years? Do you like comic cons and the like? Then Geekerella is for you!

I am a sucker for Cinderella retellings, especially those set in high school. That setting just makes sense you know? High school would be the worst time to have hopes and dreams and an awful family life that is holding you back. That’s why I knew I’d love Geekerella before I even started it. And it ended up being super cute and adorably geeky.

Let’s start with the characters:
– Elle- Our modern day Cinderella who absolutely loves this old sci-fi show called Starfield (a show her now dead father really got her into) and is super excited when it’s rebooted into a new movie. She works in a food truck called The Magic Pumpkin and dreams of leaving her step-mother and step-sisters behind, all while taking her neighbor’s ill treated dachshund with her.
– Darien- The new Starfield Federation Prince. His father has got him into acting and made him out to be this hunky pop star type actor, forcing Darien to hide the fact that he’s been into Starfield all along and he’s just as geeky as the fans.
– Elle’s step-family- As tradition, the stepmother is an unfair pain, one of the sisters is a little witch (take away the w and add a b) and one of the sisters is more than what she first appears.
– Sage- The green haired artsy girl who works with Elle in The Magic Pumpkin and eventually becomes her best friend.

The characters were pretty awesome. I liked all the geeky references. I was super ticked off by Elle’s stepmother and one of her stepsisters. I liked Darien’s “handler” and bodyguard who were there for him more than his father/manager. I also really liked Sage and her mother.

And more into the plot. At the beginning of the novel Elle hears that the new Starfield is doing a cosplay contest at the ExcelsiCon that her father started back in the day. She wants to win more than anything because it will get her to the special admission only Cosplay Ball and a meet and greet with the new Federation Prince. But then she learns that it’s Darien who will be said Prince and he’s an actor that she does not approve of at all.

So begins an interesting web of issues with Darien getting griped against because his dad/manager wants him to play it cool and not show he’s a fanboy. Elle’s sneaking out behind her stepmother’s back to work with Sage on her costume.

It was fun, it was cute, it was somewhat predictable because, duh, it’s a Cinderella retelling but I loved it.


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