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Harry Potter Reread. Book 4, Post 2.

My thoughts on rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire pages 158-287.

  • Not only did we see the Diggorys at the World Cup but Amos Diggory shows up in the Weasley fire when the kids are getting ready to leave for Hogwarts. Honestly, even on my first read through I should have known something was going to happen to that family.
  • Ahh, the announcement of the Triwizard Tournament which was originally stopped because of all the deaths. Honestly, why didn’t the schools just have like a quiz bowl or something?
  • Mad-Eyed Moody who is not actually Moody at all. You know, just Voldemort’s most trusted servant transforming Slytherin’s into ferrets though I guess that may have just been payback for Lucius being one of those Death Eaters who got away? Either way, Moody was an interesting character. Even more so when we later meet the real Moody and he’s actual very much like the fake one personality wise…
  • But seriously though. Moody teaches the kids how to resist the Imperius Curse. Why do you want your enemies to know that!?
  • Beauxbatons and Durmstrang and all of the talk of keeping locations secret. But you know, everyone at Hogwarts has British/Scottish accents, Beauxbatons students have French accents and Durmstrang has Krum who everyone knows is from Bulgaria. Oh, I wonder where the schools are? Also, how is Krum a student and a famous international Quidditch star?!
  • The actual scenes with the Goblet of Fire bring on so many emotions. Fred and George growing their long white beards like they’re old which they’ll never see in real life. (Damn you, J.K.!) Also, Dumbledore “calmly” inquiring as to whether Harry put his name in. Come in movie how hard was that to incorporate?!
  • Honestly, after everything Harry has been through why would Ron possibly think Harry would want to partake in a magical competition he’s likely not prepared for? Stupid Ron. Now if only Ron had learned from this…

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