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Harry Potter Reread. Book 4, Post 4.

My thoughts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire pages 509-734.

  • Sirius shows up in Hogsmeade in dog form and meets up with Harry and company. This is kind of awesome because I love Sirius but then he adds that if they’re talking about him they should call him Snuffles. Um, shouldn’t they have also been using a code name for him when sending mail back and forth?
  • Nifflers during a Care of Magical Creatures class! Why couldn’t this scene have been in the movies?!
  • I really like how Hagrid and Hermione bond together again during this book which they also did back in Prisoner of Azkaban when Ron was upset about his rat. I think it’s just cute that Hagrid mainly took Harry under his wing but also ends up talking to all the misfits.
  • Oh Mrs. Weasley. At the beginning of the book the Weasleys are talking about how awful Rita Skeeter is, and Molly points it out again later, but when it comes to the rumors of Harry and Hermione she actually listens. Overprotective mother syndrome I’m guessing?
  • The whole scene with the insane Mr. Crouch is where everything really starts to go haywire. I can’t remember if I even had an inkling of what might be going on back the first time I read it?
  • The Pensieve scenes are super interesting and always have been but they are just uncomfortably invasive. I can’t imagine I’d be as calm as Dumbledore if I found someone walking around my memories. Also, this is when I really wanted to start seeing more of Neville Longbottom, after we learn what happened to his parents.
  • The Third Task. Like Harry you wonder if it’s so “easy” because they’re luring the champions into a false sense of security which actually probably would have been a good way to go. But then it goes unimaginably wrong.
  • Poor Cedric. Like I mentioned earlier we should have known something bad was going to happen to him since he became such a big part of the book so suddenly. And it was one of those cases where it all happened so fast and so much happened afterwards that it was hard to process. Just like if something like that were to happen in real life. (I just don’t like it when readers comment that characters didn’t take time to grieve or process a death. I mean, come on, they are worried about fighting for their lives. We’ll process later!)
  • All the Death Eaters and the Reverse Spell Effect. So emotional! And I love the big reveal of everything with Crouch/Moody. So creepy.
  • I like how quickly Dumbledore calls everyone together and we get to see the scope of the war effort.
  • Book four was when everything really started to get dark in this series which makes for some interesting, heart pounding reading.

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