Literary Musings


Twelve. It’s a number we deal with every day in regards to time and the date. And, after an evaluation of my writing, it’s also the number of novels that I’m apparently in the middle of writing. Maybe that’s why, when I started pondering what I’ll be working on in November for National Novel Writing Month, I drew a blank. So let’s see what I have going on, in no particular order.

  1. The fantasy novel that I started working on way back in middle school, nearly half my life ago. It’s the novel that I call “Lord of the Rings-like but with an all female cast.” It’s mostly done other than the fact that every time I pull it out to edit it I end up changing entire passages and giving up because there’s just so much to do.
  2. A novel about mermaids and high school. If I’m remembering correctly this one may technically be “finished” as well?
  3. A novel about werewolves because of course there are werewolves. I think this one is also finished.
  4. There’s also a novel about fairy godmothers that I think is mostly complete but, like entries 2 and 3 I’ve never actually went through to edit.
  5. The one with Greek statues and gods and goddesses and flashbacks to ancient Greece. Mostly finished, it not complete?
  6. The vampire one. Only there’s cruise ships and various time periods and I’m pretty sure I wrote the first third and the last third but never the middle section.
  7. The fairy tale retelling that I just started last year and made major headway but then ran out of steam after National Novel Writing Month.
  8. My first contemporary novel which was set in the Greek system at a university. Only “Greek” meant way more than just sororities and fraternities. I think I only got about 1/6 of the way done with this one.
  9. The first of what I was thinking would be a librarian themed cozy mystery series because I started working in libraries and was using the whole “write what you know” theory. Only got about five pages in but somehow also managed to outline a sequel?
  10. The murder mystery novel that was born because I read a similar novel and didn’t like how it rolled out/ended. This one has a four page outline but I’ve only written about five pages of it.
  11. And yet another fantasy, this one born out of reading a series and not liking how it ended so I just randomly invented my own world and a whole outline for all three novels. I know I have pages and pages of characters and plotlines but I don’t remember if I actually started writing it.
  12. Another start to a cozy mystery series, this one with murder and magic. There’s an outline floating around and the first page but nothing more.

I’m guessing that I should probably cheat a little on NaNo and work on one of these barely started novels, especially since I have no ideas for anything new but my trouble is…which one?!


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