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Harry Potter Book 5 Reread. Post 1.

Though Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a massive installment in the series I’ve decided I’m just going to do a single post on the book. Mostly because it annoys me to no end. Now this doesn’t mean I hate it, it’s definitely a worthy installment in the series and gives us a fair bit of background we end up needing to know but it’s not my favorite.

So buckle up, this might be a long one. And it’s going to be all wonky and out of order. Like a stream of consciousness review.

  • I really, really hate Harry during Order of the Phoenix. Yes, he’s a teenage boy and he’s kind of channeling Voldy but it’s really annoying to read a book centering around Harry when all Harry is doing is getting angst everywhere. Aww, poor baby, everyone wants to keep you alive. But nope, you’re mad that people can’t send you important information in the mail and that you weren’t made a Prefect and blah blah blah.
  • Hermione’s not my favorite in this one either. She’s usually a strong female character but in this one all she’s doing is nagging about everyone about studying and she’s judging/making fun of Luna. Yes, you and Luna are complete opposites but how about you stop throwing shade when she’s risking her life to help you all. Also, you can be snarky to Luna but you can’t just straight up tell Harry he’s being an asshat? Honestly, she should have slapped him like she did Malfoy and maybe this would have ended better.
  • I liked that we got to see inside of a dark wizard home. I certainly wouldn’t want to stay at Grimmuald Place but I think it helps to pinpoint how strong one must be to grow up in an environment like that and not just accept the family’s darkness.
  • I approve of the addition of Tonks and Luna. We needed the levity of the two of them. Fred and George were also a joy to read.
  • Umbridge is the worst. And the fact that she tries to hide her disgusting nature behind frills and kittens just makes my skin crawl.
  • Dumbledore’s Army is the best. Honestly, Harry probably saved a lot of his classmates’ lives by teaching them so much.
  • Honestly I think Order of the Phoenix would have been better if the first third was shorter and the last third was longer. The first bit had a decent amount of information but kind of dragged in places but the last had so much information and we barely had time to process any of it.
  • I will say that even after reading this a few times my heart still pounded during the fights in the Department of Mysteries.
  • The first of many heartbreaking death scenes. Damn you JK Rowling.

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