Literary Musings

Sudden Inspiration

Inspiration can strike in the oddest of places.

Imagine you keep receiving these reminder emails that National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is just two months away. And now it’s just one month away. You know you want to try again this year even though you’ve missed the word count goals and “lost” more often than you’ve won. But there’s one problem and it’s a pretty big one.

So what’s this big problem that may ruin NaNoWriMo before it even starts?

Well that would be the fact that up until a couple of hours ago I had no ideas at all for a novel that I could write. Literally nothing. The well was dry. And when the goal is to write 50,000 words in a single month you kind of need to have some idea going into it. Thankfully I finally got one.

About two months ago I wasn’t inspired to write anything, fanfiction, blog posts, nada. And then slowly the fanfiction ideas started flowing and I went from no ideas to starting three new stories that I hope to start posting within the year. Yay! But that still wasn’t helping me with NaNo.

And then I started thinking about the sequel/remake of Hocus Pocus and how they should be doing it. Now I can’t actually turn that into a novel because of copyright and all that jazz but I had definitely decided I wanted to do a novel about witches. Then a random phrase floated through my mind. And with it, a whole novel idea.

So now onto some outlining!


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