Short Stories

Strange School

Writing Prompt: Invent a school, a “not normal” school and send a character to it.

Lacy looked back and forth between the building in front of her and the address written on the slip of paper in her hand. The address on the paper matched the number on the side of the building sure enough but the address was supposed to be for her new school and she’d never seen a place that looked unless like a school. Unless all schools in Maine looked like abandoned warehouses and no one had warned her. (Lacy sincerely doubted this.)

The teen was just taking her first steps away (no way would she be going into that building, she’d decided) when the front door opened. Lacy turned back in surprise only to see a beautiful young woman standing there in the shadows.

“Are you our newest student?” the woman called out, her voice even more beautiful than her face.

Lacy took a few apprehensive steps closer to the door. “I think so” she slowly replied. “Bu is this really a school? It doesn’t look like it.”

The woman grinned. “Why don’t you come inside and find out?”

And, contrary to everything Lacy had thought when she first saw the building, she did just that.

Inside she found three long halls, one to her right, one to her left, and one straight ahead. Each hall was so long that she couldn’t see the end or even guess the actual distance, far longer than the building she’d seen from the outside could physically contain. And each hall was studded by many, many doors.

“Where do I go now?” Lacy whispered the question but it reverberated down and through the halls anyways.

“That’s your first test,” the woman’s voice spoke from just beside her but when Lacy turned the woman wasn’t there. And neither was the door she’d just entered from.

Lacy gaped at the empty wall before spinning back to the halls. She went a few steps down each to get a feel for them before returning to the middle to regroup. All the doors that she’d passed were exactly the same.

Finally she spun around and turned right, decided on her favorite number (thirteen), and counted down to the thirteenth door on her right. She opened it without hesitating.

A bright light flared before her eyes and suddenly Lacy wasn’t in the hall anymore. Instead she was in a vast meadow with lush grass and bright flowers and there was that darn woman again…

“What happened? What is this place? Will you actually give me a real answer this time?!” Lacy demanded.

The woman smiled wide. “You passed your first test by making a choice. Now you will be taught by the goddess Demeter in your further studies.”

Lacy burst out laughing. “Is this some kind of joke?”

The beautiful woman’s face twisted in anger. “This is no joke. You have god blood in your veins and it has chosen Demeter to guide you. You will learn. You will train. And you will help us to defeat the Titans who have risen again.”

Lacy fainted.


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