To Read or Not to Read?

People Like Us by Dana Mele

Note: I received a free copy of People Like Us by Dana Mele from NetGalley a very long time ago and then forgot that they’d sent me a free copy until I checked it out from the library. At that point I decided to bring it up on my Kindle as well and I realized that it’s a good thing I hadn’t intended on reading the NetGalley version because it was formatted horribly and was basically unreadable. (Though I’m sure they would have happily replaced it if I had noticed it before and requested a new copy.)

So People Like Us is set in a boarding school where, in the first chapter, a bunch of mean girls, one of which is the protagonist Kay Donovan, find the dead body of a classmate floating in the school lake. Not too long after the discovery of the body Kay finds an email, from the dead girl, leading her on a computer-coded scavenger hunt, targeting a handful of girls that treated the dead girl like crap and may have had a part in her death. These girls are Kay’s friends and she starts to worry because it seems like she’s more connected to the dead girl than she thought, connected enough that she looks very, very suspicious.

People Like Us was a fun romp of mean girl cattiness and twists and turns. There’s friendships that turn into more, there’s jealousy, and bitchiness and self discovery. No character was really black or white, they all had reasons and excuses and history that made what they’d done understandable though not right.

And it was also a book where I wasn’t entirely sure how reliable the narrator was considering the things she hid from herself and how and when her secrets were revealed. (Unreliable narrators can just be so fun!)

All in all it was a little cheesy but I actually liked it.


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