To Read or Not to Read?

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Note: I received a free ARC of To Kill a Kingdom from NetGalley a very long time ago and finally got around to reading it.

I was drawn to this novel for multiple reasons. First of all, I requested it from NetGalley not too long after having read another interesting YA book about sirens so I was kind of on a siren themed roll. Plus, the description sounded interesting. A siren Princess named Lira, the killer of many princes, gets turned into a human and is told to make sure she kills Prince Elian, one of the few humans known to have killed multiple sirens? Sign me up! And, third of all, it was being marketed as a standalone! It’s not too often that I come across fantasy standalones! (Because sometimes I just get so annoyed when I come across the first book in a who knows how long it will be series that sounds interesting because it could take years for it to come to its conclusion.)

Now I was a little worried because I had a feeling that, of course, this book was going to turn into a romance and I expected it to feel forced or the insta-love type of deal. That’s not exactly the case. Lira and Elian are surprisingly deep and their relationship has a very natural progression as the book goes on. I also like how they were both very gray characters. Lira does kill princes and she seems to enjoy it when she’s doing it but she spends a lot of time wondering what life would be like if her mother wasn’t commanding the sirens to take hearts. Elian feels obligated to rid the world of sirens and yet he doesn’t exactly enjoy it. It makes them very interesting and well rounded characters.

I also liked most of the side characters as well which is always a plus.

The main issue I have is that most of the booked was slower paced (but not in a bad way…in a way that was perfect for character growth and development) but then the end was maybe just a little bit rushed.

But overall I really, really liked To Kill a Kingdom.


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