Literary Musings

Ten Things About Me

I’m kind of blanking on blog post ideas right now. I haven’t read any books that I feel particularly compelled to review lately and I’m in the middle of about four fanfictions but don’t feel ready to post any previews so we’re going to get a little personal instead. Feel free to ignore this post if you’re primarily reading for my bookish opinions or writerly experiences but if you’d like to get to know some personal, possibly even embarrassing things about me (that may or may not be book/writing related) then read ahead.

  1. I have no less than five copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. My original paperback which has been read so many times that it is literally falling apart but I refuse to toss out, the hardcover I got to replace it, the illustrated edition, the special Ravenclaw edition, and the Kindle version of all of the Harry Potter books which I got when I decided to reread the series and discovered that it’s hard to reread a giant book when you’re puppy wants to lay on your lap. (In that case, Kindles are a little easier to manage.)
  2. I’m an English major and I love reading and writing but grammar eludes me. Diagramming a sentence with the parts of speech? Nope, can’t do it. Mad Libs are hard for me because I have to look up what the difference is between an adjective and an adverb every time.
  3. The movie that always makes me cry? Armageddon. I also have a tendency to cry during movies when they reach that point where all hope is lost and someone rides in to save the day like when Gandalf suddenly appears on the horizon with reinforcements.
  4. I have eleven piercings. One is a bellybutton ring, all of the others are in my ears.
  5. I have nine tattoos. Four of them are related to books and writing.
  6. I have OCD. I was diagnosed when I was younger and was even medicated for it for awhile though sometimes I think I probably should be put back on the medication again. I’ll be fine for awhile and then something sets me off (now it’s usually related to the dog) and I get physically sick to my stomach until whatever is dirty is cleaned or whatever the issue is.
  7. I love buying shoes and I try to wear cute ones all the time (I’m known for wearing heels at ridiculous times) but I’d generally rather just be barefoot.
  8. My favorite type of fancier restaurant is Italian but if I want fast food I usually crave Taco Bell. I also love Pizza Hut breadsticks…not the ones with special cheese, just the regular ones.
  9. My pizza toppings of choice: cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green olives but I’ll settle for black olives if I have to.
  10. My favorite color is purple but turquoise is a close second. Though my wardrobe really doesn’t reflect that. I mostly wear black, gray, and various shades of blue. *Shrug*

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