I’m Crystal, I am a 28 year old female who just recently moved to a large city after living in a relatively small town that was practically in the middle of nowhere. (Maybe that explains my overactive imagination and my love for fantasy novels?) I also love to read and I love to write, hence the title of this blog.

I’ve been dabbling with the art of blogging for years and I’ve had several that I’ve updated in non-regular intervals but now I want everything (most everything) in one place.

This blog site will host four categories: the Short Stories section will showcase just that, my attempts at keeping fiction short and sweet. The To Read or Not to Read section will focus on book reviews. I will post about the struggles of being a writer and any other book or writing related thoughts I have in the Literary Musings category. And last but not least, the category called Library Life will feature things to do with libraries far and wide.

And if you enjoy fanfiction, I have some of that too. My fanfiction.net profile can be found here and my Archive of Our Own profile can be found here.


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